NewsFix in Space: Doomsday planet to hit Earth? Plus, a mission to an asteroid and the best time to view Jupiter!


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OUTER SPACE -- And now, it's time once again for NewsFix in Space!

Today's adventure takes us to the planet Nibiru, which a Christian numerologist predicts will crash into the Earth on Sept. 23-- our Doomsday!

Yep, he claims the Bible's Book of Revelations predicts a series of catastrophic events will begin on the 23rd, and the world will never be the same again!

But astronomers say Nibiru actually doesn't exist, and a senior space scientist at NASA insists if the planet were heading toward Earth, we could see it with the naked eye.

So, sounds like the Doomsday alert is a false alarm.

Of course, considering the horrific natural disasters to plague our planet lately, the guy just might be on to something, after all!

Just sayin'.

Meanwhile, NASA got a gravity boost from Mother Earth on Friday, sending the spacecraft-- Osiris Rex-- like a sling-shot into a trajectory orbit to reach the asteroid-- Bennu-- in 2018.

The spacecraft is on a robotic mission to map the asteroid and send back samples to Earth.

"We're going to match velocities with this asteroid, rendezvous with it, map it with a reconnaissance level that's been unseen for these small bodies," NASA Goddard chief scientist  Dr. Jim Garvin explained. "And then carefully select a sample and return that to Earth for the laboratories of the Earth to study for generations to come."

What a rockstar!

Finally, as long as the world doesn't end this weekend, it's a great time to catch a glimpse of Jupiter.

That's because the Autumn Equinox happens, making it a stellar time to view a couple of celestial bodies.

After sunset on Sept. 22 and the 23rd, our moon and Jupiter are close together and burning brightly in the sky.

So, don't miss the celestial show!

Until next time, keep watching the skies, and keep watching NewsFix in Space!


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