NewsFix in Space: NASA plans to ‘touch the sun,’ space billionaire says aliens are on Earth and more!

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HOUSTON — And now, it’s time once again for…NewsFix in Space!

Today’s adventure takes us to the hottest place in our galaxy— the sun. Yes, the sun has become NASA’s next destination to send in a probe! The space agency made the big announcement on Wednesday that it will launch the Parker Solar Probe Plus next year.

NASA wants to fly so close to the burning star that it can practically touch it!

Well, maybe not that close. But scientists want to study the sun’s outermost atmosphere called the ‘Corona.’

That means we’ll get to learn a lot more about the fiery star.

Meanwhile, long time NASA partner and Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow has revealed he believes aliens exist on earth!

The billionaire says, “I’m absolutely convinced. That’s all there is to it.”

He won’t elaborate on how the ETs got here, but he claims he’s spent millions on UFO research.

And maybe since he’s not that far from ‘Area 51’…he’s onto something!

And finally, Space City has a visitor of its own: the James Webb Telescope!

The giant optical telescope made its long journey from Maryland to Houston’s Johnson Space Center in order to be tested at NASA’s massive thermal vacuum chamber.

Once in space, the Webb will see some amazing sights!

“It’s going to use its infrared capabilities to peer inside clouds of gas and dust that block visible light to see stars being born in our own galaxy,” NASA’s James Webb Program Director Dr. Eric Smith explained.

And check out just how huge this telescope is— twice the size of the Hubble! It’s even bigger than the rocket that launches it!

“The whole spacecraft is probably— with the sunshield— is bigger than like a tennis court,” NASA’S Senior Engineer Jonathan Homan at Johnson Space Center.

Once the Webb Telescope is fully tested, it will prepare for launch next year into deep space.

Until next time…keep watching the skies…and keep watching NewsFix in Space!



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