NewsFix in Space: UFOs spotted over Trump golf club in Scotland, NASA to launch space lasers, and space champagne?

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AYSHIRE, Scotland — And now, it’s time once again for NewsFix in Space!

Today’s adventure takes us high above the skies of Scotland over President Trump’s exclusive Turnberry Golf Club, where something strange has been spotted!

A golf fan claims this snapshot shows four flying UFOs visiting the president’s club!

No comment so far from the president about these strange visitors.

But whatever is in those flying saucers, hopefully, they don’t want to pulverize the planet with lasers!

Speaking of lasers, on Saturday, NASA is about to launch a new satellite armed with an extremely precise space laser.

This groundbreaking mission promises to deliver a powerful punch to understanding our planet’s shrinking polar ice cap.

“And it uses latest laser technology to measure elevation or the height of ice sheets– and by repeating those measurements through time we can measure how high sheets are changing,” ICESat-2 Deputy Project Scientist Dr. Tom Neumann said . “It’ll also allow us to measure the height of sea ice, which is a way to understand the thickness of that sea ice.”

Yep, it takes a laser to precisely understand certain things.

Who knew?

Finally, who’s in the mood for some space bubbles?

It’s the drink of the future— champagne fit for outer space!

Champagne maker Mumm says it’s developed a space-age bubbly called “Cordon Stellar” astronauts will be able to enjoy in zero gravity.

Those tiny little bubbles float on air so the fizz can be scooped right out of the sky.

Doesn’t that just burst your bubble?!

Until next time, keep watching the skies for NewsFix in Space.

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