Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister speaks out 20 years after murder

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LOS ANGELES, CA – The white Bronco. That infamous glove. The entire nation was glued to the trial of football hall of famer OJ Simpson, charged with the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Now, exactly 20 years later, Nicole’s sister is opening up about the brutal slaying.

“This was not a stranger in my life,” Tanya Brown said of OJ Simpson. “So that’s why it made it really hard and surreal to wrap my brain around how somebody could really do this.”

Brown was 24 years old when her sister was killed.

“I was just getting to know her, and then somebody blew out her candle,” Brown said. “And that’s the hard thing.”

For years after the murders, and OJ’s subsequent acquittal, Brown struggled with depression and her belief in OJ’s guilt.

“I have also sat at a pew in a church, knelt down and prayed, saying, ‘Help me forgive this man’s actions. Help me forgive him so then I could go on,'” she said.

But she finds purpose in reaching out to abused women, so what happened to Nicole doesn’t happen to them — a valuable mission in a time when 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence during their lifetime.

As for OJ?

He’s spending a little time in behind bars, sentenced to 33 years for armed robbery and other felony counts.

There are some who’d call that karma.


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