Nigeria marks the one-year anniversary of the Boko Haram kidnapping of 276 school girls

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ABUJA, NIGERIA – One year has passed since members of Nigeria’s Boko Haram jihadist group kidnapped 276 girls from their school in Chibok.

Only 57 escaped, and there’s no word on the fate of the rest.

Relatives fear they’ve been raped, brutalized, sold as sex slaves, and forced to convert to Islam.

Hundreds of Nigerians, mostly young girls, marked the day with rallies. In one rally, each girl represented one of the Chibok girls.

They held signs with the names of missing girls and the hashtag “Never To Be Forgotten.” They say they will continue their daily march until the Chibok girls are brought back alive.

Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai wrote an open letter to the girls in which she told them “Remember that one day your tragic ordeal will end, and you will be reunited with your family and friends. Until then,” she wrote, “stay strong, and never lose hope. You are my heroes.”

In the last year, celebrities around the world took up the hashtag “Bring Back Our Girls”, but sadly, it only proved that terrorist thugs who kidnap children don’t care about signs and the latest celebrity cause.


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