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In real life, someone being too aggressive can prove to be fatal, like when a 17-year old in Utah punched a referee in the face for a penalty. That ref died a week later.

Winning in sports has come at all costs.

Coaching legend, Vince Lombardi once said winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

Now, there’s a sports organization that’s trying to change that way of thinking.

I-9 sports began 10 years ago in Florida, and it has been around the Bayou City for the past five years.

Jennifer Brotherhood has put her child in the program.

“There are really three things that I look for in a sports organization. The first thing is an organization that promotes the safety and well-being of my child, and then next is the skill building and the focus on sportsmanship and teamwork and coordination. All those fundamental things as well as having fun. If my kid isn’t having fun they aren’t going to want to continue”, said Brotherhood.

That’s the real question; will kids remember the values being instilled with them when they’re on the field of play as they get older?