NJ governor celebrates Cowboys win, banned bag fees and water limits

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DALLAS, Texas – Come on Dallas,  we get it that your Cowboys won on  Sunday. What we can`t wrap our heads around? That love fest between Jerry Jones and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the owners box. Just plain weird. And were not just talking about the blatant groping. What`s the Governor of New Jersey doing there anyway? Doesn`t he have home teams to root for? Get a room already.

Dallas better make room on grocery receipts for banned bag fees. That`s right, effective January 1, Dallas shoppers were sacked with a $0.05 charge per paper or plastic bag used, this thanks to city councilman Dwayne Caraway. What`s next Dallas? Charging per square the next time someone`s ‘got to go right now?’ Man, if we had fice cents for every bad idea we heard, we`d all be millionaires.

Finally, a water shortage is in effect in Dallas, since reserves have hit the 35% depletion mark. So ‘naturally’ restrictions will be enforced. Starting April 1, along with watering limited to twice a week. citizens of Dallas will not be allowed to wash their own cars or use aqua in any home-recreational activities. Ignore that limit, and a $2000 fine could wash up to you door. What`s next Dallas? Taking away bathing?



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