NJ, NY bombings: Suspect’s father warned FBI about son years ago

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NEW YORK —  One day after arresting the man believed to be responsible for the weekend bomb attacks in New York and New Jersey, there are still plenty of questions.

“There’s an old saying in law enforcement. Just because you make an arrest, that’s not where the investigation stops.  A lot of times, that’s where the investigation starts,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said.

This one starts with Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28.

The naturalized U.S. citizen and Afghan native is facing five counts of attempted murder in New Jersey where he was arrested after a dramatic shoot-out with police.  More than likely, he’ll also face federal charges.

Authorities have a lot of questions. For one, what was the motive behind these attacks?

Rahami had a notebook on him when he was caught. In it, references to terrorists including the 2013 Boston marathon bombers, and a spokesman for Al-Quaeda who’s been dead for five years.

The bombings are being investigated as an act of terror but no one’s fessing up. The Taliban denies any connection. sSo far, nothing indicates Rahami is linked to ISIS.

He’s not saying much from his hospital bed.

But they’re pretty sure he was working alone. They are interested in what his dad has to say. Muhammed Rahami told a swarm of reporters he called the FBI two years ago because his son was doing bad things.

“He stabbed my son. He hit my wife. And I put him to jail two years ago,” Muhammed Rahami said.

The feds are also talking to the suspect’s wife.

Asia Bibi Rahami went to the United Arab Emirates a few days before the bombings but is expected to fly back to the U.S. this week to chat with authorities.

An American justice style homecoming!



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