NJ teen sues parents for kicking her spoiled self out

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MORRIS PLAINS, NJ – Hell hath no fury like a spoiled teenager.

“We’re being sued by our child. It’s…I’m dumbfounded, so is my wife, so are my other daughters,” says Sean Canning.

18-year-old, Rachel Canning alleges abuse and is suing her parents for weekly financial support, high school tuition, college tuition and legal fees. Sean Canning says his daughter has some behavioral issues that include drinking and staying out all night.

“Living in our house is very few things. There’s minor chores and curfews. When I say curfews – it’s usually after 11 o’clock at night,” says Canning.

The “abuse” charge appears to be the parents’ “tough love” ultimatum for Rachel to break up with her boyfriend. She refused and says her parent’s drop-kicked her out of their New Jersey house and now won’t financially support her or pay for school. Her parents claim she left on her own and she already has college money.

“We have a college fund that’s available to her, there’s no doubt about that.”

So should her parents be required to pay for their spoiled little brat’s education and living expenses? The Houstonians we spoke with said NO!

Judge Peter Bogaard agreed and denied the teenager’s suit but said he’ll review the case in a couple of months – after college financial forms are due. It’s a victory for the parents but then again, they still have to deal with their witchy spoiled spawn.


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