North Korea claims it has a hydrogen bomb

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – North Korea’s diminutive despot, Li’l Kim Jong-Un, and his Beastly Boys, are “da bomb”, or the H-bomb, the hydrogen bomb.

A thermonuclear bomb can be hundreds of times more powerful than an atomic bomb.

If true, this would mean a major upgrade to the country’s ability to create a nuclear weapon.

And it came on the day the United Nations opened talks on human rights violations in North Korean prison camps. No one has ever filmed these abuses, but they were documented in a United Nations commission of inquiry published almost two years ago.

It detailed unspeakable atrocities and crimes against humanity.

These defectors turned up in Seoul to complain the UN has not done enough since the release of the report.

China has worked hard behind the scenes to block any debate, and would probably veto any vote of condemnation by the Security Council.

And if you thought things couldn’t get any stranger with North Korea, consider this: Li’l Kim has sent Moranbong, his all-girl orchestra, for a week of shows in Beijing.

Li’l Kim personally picked the members who sing about his warm smile and sweet heart. Apparently, even North Korean chicks know how to fake it.

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