North Korea conducts another underground nuclear test

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – Li’l Kim and the Beastly Boys have given the world some more North Korean nukey.

The North Koreans thumbed their noses at the world and set off their third underground nuclear test, a move that even upset China, one of the country’s few remaining friends on the planet.

China considers the test a slap in the face, because it occurred as the Chinese celebrated a national holiday at the start of the appropriately named ‘Year of the Snaky North Koreans.’

But the rest of the world is just plain tired of Korean nukey. This was the country’s third nuclear test since 2006. So, yes, there is such a thing as too much nukey.

Japan scrambled some of its jets, apparently because it had to do something, and China threatened the North Korean ambassador with watching endless videos of Celine Dion celebrating Chinese New Year. Not really, but it gave us a chance to use a video of her appearance.

President Obama called it ‘highly provocative’, the nuke test, not Celine Dion. And he probably wasn’t happy that it occurred just hours before his big State of the Union speech, where he’s expected to talk about automatic weapons and gun control.

Given the fight he faces over that issue, Li’l Kim and the Beastly Boys may be the least of his worries.


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