North Korea detains elderly US veteran, gives no reason

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA –  This next story sounds like a job for Dennis Rodman.

The worm may have to call in a favor from his BFF, North Korea’s Li’l Kim Jong Un.

That’s because Li’l Kim’s beastly boyz have been holding Merrill Newman since October 26 when North Korean security thugs escorted him off an airplane.

The 85-year-old Palo Alto, Cali., man was on his way home after a 9-day tour, organized through a travel agency that also arranged for North Korean tour guides for the whole trip.

Newman is a Korean War veteran, and he spent the past year learning Korean.

Jeff Newman says his dad and a tour guide went to a meeting and talked about the Korean War with some government authorities, and about the elder Merrill Newman’s role as an army officer.

“The meeting concluded. I understand that my dad was a bit bothered, but really didn’t go into any detail with his traveling companion.”

The US State Department has issued an advisory against travel to North Korea, and is working through the Swiss embassy because we don’t have diplomatic relations with North Korea, which is still at war with South Korea, and, apparently with elderly veterans.



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