North Korea grants permission for day-trips to border town

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SINUIJU, NORTH KOREA – So, you say you have a hankering to visit slave labor camps in North Korea on your next vacation.

Well, you will have to wait a little while longer.

North Korea has given permission to Young Pioneer Tours in China to arrange day trips to the border town of Sinuiju.

But right now, no Americans or South Koreans are allowed.

If you can finagle your way into Li’l Kim Country, you’ll get to see some pretty un-amazing things.

Like the latest in North Korean agricultural technology: a man, a cow and a plow.

Or even a scene straight from a Houston highway crew: one guy with his hands in his pocket watching other guys work.

A popular tourist spot is the machine complex and soap factory. It really gained in popularity after a visit several years ago by L’il Kim’s father, Daddy Kim.

But the North Korean Ministry of Tourism may need to chat with the Ministry of Missile Launching. L’il Kim and the Beastly Boyz just launched six short-range missiles in three days during military exercises. The missiles went into the sea off the country`s east coast, as planned.

Note to North Korean Chamber of Commerce: missiles pretty much kill tourism and tourists.


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