North Korea releases 85-year-old U.S. veteran

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BEIJING, CHINA – Good news from across the water – Merrill Newman is officially a free man!

In case you missed it, for the past six weeks, North Korean officials have been holding the 85-year-old American tourist and Korean War veteran in custody, because they say he was plotting “hostile acts” against North Koreans. But, according to state media, authorities had a change of heart and decided to release the guy on “humanitarian” grounds.

“I’m very glad to be on my way home and I appreciate the tolerance of the DPRK government has given to me to be on my way,” said Newman.

Unfortunately, the U.S. government is still fighting for the release of another U.S. citizen that’s currently being held in the same state. We’re talking about Kenneth Bae.

Korean authorities detained him on a trip there a year ago and sentenced him to 15 years of hard labor because they say he was also plotting hostile acts against the state.

Hmm….maybe the U.S. should think about calling in Dennis Rodman. Maybe he can smooth things over with his BFF….

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