North Korea says it can launch thermonuclear missile and strike New York City

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA –  If North Korea’s diminutive despot Li’l Kim Jong Un gets his way, there will be no escape from New York, or even for New York.

North Korea claims it can launch a missile with a hydrogen bomb warhead and land it in New York City.

North Korea’s official news outlet quoted a scientist as saying their hydrogen bomb is bigger than the one developed by the old Soviet Union.

North Korea says that bomb could smash windows 625 miles from ground zero. That’s about the distance from New York to Charlotte, NC.

It also could cause third-degree burns on people about 62 miles away, and that’s about the distance between New York and Bridgeport, CT.

Official North Korean photos show Li’l Kim visiting a thermonuclear warhead, but folks who know about these things aren’t sure if North Korea successfully tested an H-bomb in January.

North Korea also said it launched a rocket into orbit last month.

If so, it would mean they have the ability to launch a long-range ballistic missile.

Meantime, the US and South Korea continue their annual military exercises to show North Korea they have the muscle to meet any threat to South Korea.

But right now, it’s New York City that’s in North Korea’s nuclear cross-hairs.

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