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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – Why is North Korea’s diminutive despot smiling these days?

It’s not because he killed the pig playing Angry Birds. Well, sorta not. Li’l Kim Jong Un did kill someone, though. And it was one of his Beastly Boyz, Defense Minister Hyon Yong-Chol.

The word is that South Korea’s spy agency told a closed-door session of parliament that Li’l Kim had Hyong knocked off for treason, for not carrying out orders, and for falling asleep at a meeting.

Yeah, that’s pretty hard core, especially since Hyong was a long-time loyalist to the ruling Kim family.

But he apparently couldn’t close his eyes to some of the things Li’l Kim has been doing, and he apparently couldn’t keep his eyes open during meetings.

So, to show who’s the boss, Li’l Kim had Hyong publicly executed at North Korea’s military academy by using anti-aircraft guns.

Li’l Kim watchers say he’s still dealing with the fallout from enemies he made when he executed his uncle at the end of 2013.

Li’l Kim may not be real big on loyalty, but if you want to stay in one piece, you better nod yes, and not nod off.