North Korea’s Li’l Kim Jong Un claims successful underground test of H-bomb, world leaders drop F-bomb

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – North Korea’s Li’l Kim Jong Un may want to change his name to Li’l Kim Gone Boom.

His Beastly Boyz claim to have pulled off a successful underground hydrogen bomb test near the Chinese border.

That didn’t make the Chinese too happy.

The United Nations Security Council strongly condemned the test and said it would announce sanctions later.

A 5.1 seismic event in the region was the first hint that something was up.

Not long after that, North Korea let everyone know it was not an earthquake, but a miniaturized hydrogen bomb test.

Folks who know about these things think Li’l Kim does not have an H-bomb, which they say would have been ten times more powerful.

They think it was probably an atomic bomb, maybe the size as the one dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

North Korea has tested three of those in the last nine years.

A regular old atomic bomb relies of nuclear fission, the splitting of the atoms, for the big bang. A hydrogen bomb uses the fission of an atomic bomb for fusion, which crashes the atoms together to make a really, really big bang.

And that’s not just theory.

The White House tweeted its response to the announcement, saying the US “will respond appropriately to any and all North Korean provocations.”

Hey, who else thinks this sounds like a job for Li’l Kim’s BFF, Dennis Rodman?

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