Nose hair extensions, yes it’s really a thing

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HOUSTON—Fall is here and while most of us are excited to dust off our favorite sweaters and jackets, the new fall fashion trend is not about keeping your arms or chest warm.

This year its all about the nostrils! That’s right people, nose hair extensions are now a thing.

….But is it a good thing?

Instagrammer @Gret_chen_chen sent grammers into a frenzy when she posted a selfie of herself donning her new nose tresses.

Some fashionistas were willing to give the new fad a try before bashing it.

Twitter user @iamtay_tay tweeted

Nose Hair Extensions inspired by @gret_chen_chen (on IG)👃🏻 yes or no? #nosehairextensions #nosehairextension #nosehair

@AshleyNews8 tweeted….Nose hair extension test drive. It tickles, could only stand 1 nostril @DaveRickards @TheSarahBeebe @NinaRuthie @ChainsawDSC @CBoyerDSC

YouTube blogger Sophie Richardson even completed a brief tutorial on her YouTube channel.

The new style has been compared to everything from spiders to arm pit hair and even a fuzzy grandpa.

Nose hair extensions may have social media buzzing this fall but judging by the twitterverse this trend won’t make it to the Spring.




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