Not much good news for homeowners with water damaged furniture

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HOUSTON- The flooding storms have come and gone, but the moldy mess is left behind. Homeowners are stuck trying to figure out which of their belongings to keep and what to trash.

The experts at SERVPRO may help shed a little light but not necessarily a lot of hope.

When it comes to furniture, "If it's a porous material and it was once organic and it's been this long, then it's recommended that it be not salvaged," explained Kristina Norlander of SERVPRO of Bellaire.

Solid wood furniture can generally be cleaned and used again. Furniture like sofas and mattresses are hard to dry thoroughly and will most likely have to be replaced.

But mold isn't the only worry. "It may have taken on sewer water as well and bacteria, do you want it or not?" added Norlander.

Mike Nilsen's home was flooded, ""It's all been touched by sewer water. I haven't walked barefoot in my home in two weeks because I'm just like, everything is just gross and contaminated."

So the sad truth, other than the structure, which can be cleaned and repaired, "They're basically having to replace almost everything in their house," said Norlander.

Not a lot of good news, but as they say, better safe than sorry.


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