Nurse Jacintha Saldanha’s body arrives in India

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Jacintha Saldanha’s journey is coming to an end. As her body arrived in India for her funeral, details surrounding the nurse’s last days are becoming clearer.

Jacintha was found hanging by a scarf in the nurses quarters at King Edward VII Hospital in London, just days after a seemingly harmless prank made by two Australian radio DJs.

Jacintha’s suicide letters may give some insight. Three letters were found which have been turned over to British officials. One note talked about the prank call and the DJs, another discussed her funeral requests, and the third letter criticizes hospital staffers.

As for the DJs Michael Christian and Mel Greig, they’ve kept a low profile since appearing on an Australian television show. Meanwhile, an Australian media watchdog has launched an investigation.

Jacintha’s journey may be coming to an end, but this is nowhere near over.


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