NYC doctor says vacation breasts the next big thing in plastic surgery

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NEW YORK, New York – Ladies, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be fuller in the upper regions?

Well, Norman Rowe is a New York plastic surgeon who came up with the idea of the Instabreast.

It’s a 20-minute procedure that allows a woman to try out a larger size for a day, to see how she likes it.

Rowe says everyone and her dog takes a test drive before buying a car, so why not try some boobs on for size?

And now, he’s come up with another idea: vacation breasts.

It’s the same concept as the Instabreast, only these last for a couple of weeks.

Rowe says this is a great way for women to stand out, and up, at the beach, or at a wedding, whether hers, or someone else’s.

But don’t go raiding your savings. The good doctor says vaca breasts won’t be available for at least another two years, and will need FDA approval.

And guys, Rowe says you can have a bigger look, too. Chest and calves, that is.

Size was a problem for Karisha Mark of Beaumont.

A rare hormonal condition caused her breasts to balloon to 35NNN,which created a host of medical problems.

This past September, Houston plastic surgeon Franklin Rose removed 15 pounds of tissue during a four-hour procedure.

Living proof that too much of something is not always a good thing.


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