NYPD detective’s tirade with Uber cab driver caught on camera

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NEW YORK, NY – In many cities, you have good cops and bad cops. New York City apparently has an uber-mad cop.

Sanjay Seth was a passenger in an Uber cab that went around a parked car that didn’t have blinkers on. The Uber driver gestured to the other driver to use the blinkers.

That other driver turned out to be a bully with a badge, a New York City police detective, who stopped the cab and lit into the driver. And Seth recorded what happened next and posted it on YouTube.

The first thing on the video is the detective berating the Uber driver. “So, stop it with your mouth. Stop it with your ‘For what , sir? For what, sir?’ Stop it with that bull----.”

New York media report the detective is Patrick Cherry with the NYPD/FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. And, in his mind, that apparently makes him a big shot who can make fun of the way people talk.


Detective: “I don’t know what f---ing plant you think you’re on right now.”

Driver: “I’m not planet, sir. I’m here.”

Detective: “Planning? I said ‘planet’.”

Driver: “Yeah, I’m not on a planet.”

During most of the encounter, the Uber driver nodded and said “okay”, but even that wasn’t good enough for the anti-terrorism traffic cop.

Detective: “Let me tell you, the next time you do it again . . .”

Driver: “Okay.”

Detective: “I’m giving you . . . Okay what? You gonna let me f---ing finish? Stop interrupting me!”

Driver: “I apologize. I’m sorry.”

Detective: “Well, who do you think you’re talking to here?”

Uber says the driver does not want to comment, but an Uber spokesman issued a statement saying “The behavior in the video is wrong and unacceptable and we appreciate the NYPD investigating this incident.”

Whatever punishment Cherry gets, maybe it should include listening to his own words of wisdom: “Remember this in the future. Don’t ever do that again.”

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