‘O.J. watch’ begins now that former NFL star set to be released from prison

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LOVELOCK, Nev. -- And now it's almost time to play "Where's my O.J.?"

Yep, perhaps the most famous convict in the country is about to become an "ex-con," when O.J. Simpson is released from the Nevada State Pen, possibly as early as Monday!

Right now, he's awaiting transfer to High Desert State Prison outside Las Vegas where O.J. will finally taste freedom once again.

But what everyone really wonders is what's next once "The Juice" is loose?

So far, Simpson has just hinted he hopes to return to living in Florida, but the proper paperwork has to be filed to get him there, and until that's done, Simpson may have to stay in Sin City for awhile.

And of course, it was in Vegas where O.J. got into trouble in the first place!

The former NFL star has been locked up in the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada for the past nine years for an armed robbery and kidnapping conviction.

The 70-year-old was serving a 33-year sentence for a 2007 altercation with two sports memorabilia dealers at a Vegas hotel.

But since the Nevada parole board unanimously ruled in favor of granting The Juice an early parole, O.J. is about to be sprung.

But not everyone is happy about that.

"I'd much rather see him be in jail," Fred Goldman said, since he believes Simpson murdered his son, Ron, back in June 1994. "I have this weird notion that bad people who've committed crimes belong in jail, not getting out early."

But the longer O.J. has to stay in Vegas, you gotta wonder what are the odds that O.J. may go cray-cray and end up in trouble again?

Place your bets, folks!


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