Obama and Hollande talk ISIS as Putin talks Turkey after Turks shoot down Russian jet

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WASHINGTON, DC – French president Francois Hollande showed up at the White House to see the President Obama to find out how the U.S. plans to help France and other European nations in their fight against ISIS.

In a joint news appearance at the White House, Hollande told reporters, ISIS “will not be able to damage the world and against ISIS we need a joint response, an implacable joint response. France and the United States stand together to bring that joint response.”

President Obama backed him on that, saying “This barbaric terrorist group, ISIL or Daesh, and its murderous ideology, pose a serious threat to all of us.  It cannot be tolerated, it must be destroyed and we must do it together.”

Meantime, Turkey is taking the fight against ISIS to the Russians, apparently.

Turkey’s military says it shot down a Russian jet after the pilot violated Turkey’s air space. Moscow says “nyet”. But Turkey says it gave the pilot ten chances to turn around.

Syrian rebels took time out in their busy day to shoot video of them shooting at the two pilots. There are conflicting reports about their fate. Some say rebels killed one. Others say both survived.

Turkeys armed forces released a map showing the movements of the jets. It appears to conflict with Moscow’s claim the jet did not enter Turkey’s air space.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin calls the incident a “stab in the back” by Turkey.

NATO convened an emergency meeting, because if Russia retaliates militarily, NATO is supposed to come to the aid of turkey, a NATO member.

In France, authorities may have found a suicide vest in a garbage can in a Paris suburb. Reports say it contained bolts and was made from TATP, the same explosive used by the Paris attackers.

News reports say the vest was in the neighborhood where authorities tracked the cell phone of suspect Salah Abdeslam shortly after the attacks.

Meantime, authorities in Belgium continue to round up the usual suspects as Brussels remains under the threat of imminent attack.

Daily life is slowly returning to normal, but it’s a new normal as Belgians realize that Brussels sprouts terrorism.



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