Obama defends Affordable Care Act in Dallas

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DALLAS, TX – President Barack Obama must not care about tough crowds. He stopped in Dallas, Texas Wednesday.

Texas is already a state with a lot of people who are not accepting of the whole Obamacare thing. It’s also the state with the highest rate of uninsured Americans.

But the President has an agenda, and that’s to get uninsured Texans to log on to that website that’s supposedly working now and sign up for government mandated health insurance, whether they like it or not.

“The system we had – the status quo – just wasn’t working for too many people. And so it was important for us, as difficult and challenging as it has been, to go ahead and move forward to make sure that folks like Edna – when they go to the hospital because they’ve been stricken with an illness know not only are they gonna get good care but also that their families aren’t going to go bankrupt just because somebody in the family got sick,” President Obama told the crowd.

The president also hit up two Democratic fundraisers, but he ultimately picked a good day to be out of Washington, D.C.

All eyes were one Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius.

Members of the Senate Financial Committee asked her some of the same hard-hitting questions she was asked last week from the House.

But senators demanded different answers as to why the roll-out of HealthCare.org was such a disaster.

Sebelius said, “There is no excuse for what has been a miserable 5 weeks. I am committed to the fix of the website, on the other hand I do know that people are using it every day and the experience is getting better every day.”

While that may be true, senators are still seeking answers to the White House’s promise of “like your plane, keep your plan.”

Things got a little heated between Sebelius and Senator John Cornyn of Texas.

“Is that statement on the white house website true or is it false?” Cornyn asked.

“Sir I think the statement…”

“Is it true or is it false Madam Secretary?” Cornyn interrupted.

“The 11 million people who are in the individual market, a majority of those individuals will keep plans,” said Sebelius.

“My time is limited so I would like the record to note that you have refused to answer my question whether it is true or false,” said Cornyn.

And so, the saga continues.


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