Obama, Japan celebrates Presidential win

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OBAMA, JAPAN – Except for a few students at the University of Mississippi, not many people in the world were out protesting the re-election of President Obama.

Over in Japan, one national newspaper put out a rare evening edition, and TV stations in Asia, like some in Taiwan, South Korea, and India reported the news in the same breaking, breathless way TV stations in this country did.

And then you have the folks in Obama City, Japan. That`s right. Obama City. It`s been around a lot longer than our Obama, but sharing the name gives them one more reason to have a celebration.

This year, Obama residents celebrated the president`s re-election withplenty of hand waving and some hula dancing.

Obama, Japan is also known for its annual Omizu-okuri, or Water Carrying, Festival  where participants wear white robes, and hoods, and set things on fire. Probably wasn`t something they included in the re-election festivities.

By the way, in Japanese, Obama means ‘little beach.’ So, you probably could say that President Obama is their favorite son of a little beach.

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