Obama returns from trip to the Middle East

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“I came, I saw, I conquered”, was first said by Julius Caesar and now by President Barack Obama, after his recent tour to the Middle East. No, he didn’t come home with a peace agreement under his arm, Israelis and Palestinians are still at odds with each other but with a few speeches here and a few meetings there, he still managed to score big.

“I think the President’s trip to the Middle East was historic,’ said US Secretary of State John Kerry. ‘And I know the folks in Israel have felt its impact”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surely did: not only did he have to endure President Obama’s speech on the need for a Palestinian state – right in the heart of Jerusalem and in front of a cheering young Israeli audience – but he was also peer pressured by his American ally into smoking the peace pipe with Turkey.  President Obama even had time to visit the birth-place of Christianity and meet the new Miss Israel – Oh-my-god!

And after dealing with the beauty queen, it was time for the King of Jordan, one of the few monarchs who survived the so-called “Arab spring”.    President Obama promised America’s military support against any disturbance coming from Syria, and left the region back to Washington, DC: a magical place where for reasons unexplained his diplomatic superpowers stop working.



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