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COLUMBUS, OHIO – President Obama and Governor Romney may be thinking and praying about the people in the path of Hurricane Sandy, but you can bet their minds are on the final days of the presidential campaign.

And while the news of the day centers on the havoc Big Sandy expects to rain upon the East Coast, the political story continues to be a close race for the White House, and the role Ohio will play.

Among three big battleground states, Mitt Romney has pulled even with the President in Virginia and appears to be moving away in Florida.

But in Ohio, the numbers seem to have leveled off.

The latest CNN poll in Ohio shows the President with a four point lead among likely voters, but that’s within the margin of error.

And it makes a weekend comment by Ohio’s Republican governor John Kasich either an expected statement of faith or a prediction from someone with inside information.

‘I honestly think that Romney is going to carry Ohio,’ he told NBC’s Meet the Press. ‘And you know I haven’t been saying this. I now believe it’s going to happen.’

At least he got Romney’s name right, which is more than can be said of Iowa’s Republican Senator Chuck Grassley during a campaign speech in that state.

‘We will put America on a new path to a new day with a new president, Obama.  A new President Romney, pardon me. (laughter) You know, you know I want to forget that word.’

But the biggest question from recent days was probably in the mind of Mitt Romney who may have been asking himself if there is such a thing as too much Meatloaf.