Death Row inmate hopes his obesity can save him

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For many, obesity can be a death sentence. But for overweight Ohio inmate Ronald Post, he’s hoping for the exact opposite. Post is wallowing his time on Ohio’s death row, asking for his scheduled January 16th 2013 execution be delayed. Why? Because fatty feels he’s too obese to die!

That’s big talk coming from an even bigger convict, but the 480 pound post isn’t budging… believing that his bulk could lead to a “torturous and lingering death” when his day of reckoning comes.

Post filed federal papers with his lawyers adding, “Given his unique physical and medical condition, there is substantial risk that any attempt to execute him will result in serious physical and psychological pain.”

Post claims his fat would make it tough for the lethal injection to hit his vein. Another concern for the condemned man; his gluttony might cause the execution gurney to give way and collapse. Post sees these problems as cruel and unusual punishment.

The 53-year-old Post is on death row because of murdering Helen Vantz, a hotel clerk, back in 1983.



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