Oklahoma billion-dollar divorce may get costlier

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma – If anything can screw up a bitter divorce settlement, oil can.

Back in 2014, Oklahoma’s “Continental Resources” oil tycoon Harold Hamm split from his wife Sue Ann Arnall.

The judge gave her $972 million, mostly in cash, based on the share price of Continental’s stock at the time, around $116 and change.

But Arnall pulled an Amy Winehouse and said “no, no, no.”

She wants $266 million for maintenance and upkeep and a greater share of what she says is Hamm’s $18 billion in assets.

She says she’s entitled to because of their 26-year marriage, during which time he made barrels of money in the oil business.

But, Hamm says his wealth has plunged, thanks to the drop in oil prices that reached a ten-year low in November.

Hamm claims he’s now worth just a little over $9 billion dollars.

Not quite a pauper, but he says he’ll have to borrow money to make a $322 million lump-sum payment to his ex next week.

Just because his name is Hamm doesn’t mean she’s being a pig, but it does prove that in 2015, a billion bucks ain’t what it used to be.

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