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OKLAHOMA CITY – Apparently, watching TV can be a bad influence. For 31-year-old Preston Rhoads, it’s got him facing serious prison time after plotting to poison his pregnant girlfriend with ricin.

Oklahoma City prosecutors say Rhoads learned how to make ricin from watching episodes of ‘Breaking Bad.’ According to the FBI, Rhoads plotted to spike his girlfriend’s pizza or Dr. Pepper, but that plan never got carried out.

Court documents say Rhoads admitted he wanted to kill the unborn child because he didn’t want to take care of it. Turns out, the baby wasn’t his in the first place.

“Had he been able to murder this young lady and her unborn child, this might very well be a death penalty case,” said Oklahoma County First Assistant District Attorney, Scott Rowland.

Rhoads now has a 20-year prison sentence, and a $10,000 fine. With all that, child support would not have been so bad after all.