Old fashioned weather guide gets it right

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HOUSTON, Tx – Boston had the snowiest February in the city’s history this year, enduring a whopping 64.8 inches in just 28 days, but that was only one of the records broken by New England weather this winter.

The jaw-dropping storms that hit the northeastern part of the country this winter caught a lot of people off guard, but it turns out mother nature couldn’t outsmart the Farmer’s Almanac.

“This is truly one of the worst winters we’ve ever had, but this is basically what we said, and meanwhile, the National Weather Service, as I recall, was saying this was going to be a mild winter. So, last winter we said it would be very cold, a lot of snow everywhere, and this year, we’ve played that card again, and I think we’re right there,” said Almanac Editor, Peter Geiger.

Evidently, the almost 200-year-old digest with its equally aged formula was right on the money, as it has been known to do. Even more, the Almanac staff made their prediction, as they do all their weather forecasts, two years in advance.

“Given the fact that we’re doing it two years in advance. I’m not looking at a weather map, I’m not looking at anything coming across the country, and we do it with relatively good accuracy,” Geiger added.

If you want to test their accuracy for yourself, the book’s 2015 Winter Outlook warns of another “red flag time frame for widespread wintry conditions [during] the middle part of March from the nation’s midsection to the East Coast”. Geiger says his take is that March storm noted in the outlook should be the last big blow this winter.




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