HOUSTON(KIAH) A catalytic converter is one of the most stolen car parts. It’s part of a system that cleans out pollutants and prevents them from entering the atmosphere. People are stealing them because converters contain some of the world’s most valuable metals.Ivan Curiel is CW39’s building technician, this happened to him not once but twice.

He is in charge of making sure everything is working and in order. Outside of work, he is a husband and father. About a year ago, while his entire family was asleep two people crept up his driveway and stole his catalytic converter from his Toyota Tundra. The entire thing was captured on his Ring camera. He posted the video on a community forum and neighbors were very concerned.

I spoke with my neighbor and he was shocked because it had happened to him 3 months before and he was shocked it was happening again in our neighborhood

Ivan Curiel, Building Technician

According to HPD, the theft of catalytic converters in Harris County has increased from less than 200 annually to over a thousand in the past year. A few weeks ago thieves returned to Ivan’s home but this time he was ready. He had installed a metal plate that prevented the removal of the converter.

It is my reliable transportation I have to take my kids to school and go to work.

Ivan Curiel, Building Technician

Luckily, Ivan can continue to take his kids to school with no hassle.

Three ways to protect against catalytic converter theft

  1. Etch your license plate number onto your catalytic converter. …
  2. Park in well-lit areas. …
  3. Install an anti-theft device.