One man walks with a cross around the world, while another sees Jesus

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MEMPHIS, Tn. — A twelve foot cross, two feet and faith is all Keith Wheeler needs to remind people of Jesus` sacrifice. ‘God wanted him to walk to remind people that you are loved’ said the Tulsa Oklahoma native. It started with a gut feeling, to walk around town, carrying a wooden cross back in 1985, on Good Friday.

A journey of over twenty thousand miles, Keith has been a guest of Saddam Hussein; he`s been through Chechnya, Nicaragua, Bosnia and Rwanda during the genocide.

But, bearing the cross does come with challenges. He`s been jailed more than 40 times run over four times and beaten within an inch of his life twice

Despite the unfortunate circumstances — he`s still grateful and doesn`t plan on stopping anytime soon.

But there are some folks who don`t feel the spirit—they see it!

From a potato chip, to a rustic AC unit, people can find Jesus in just about anything. Like this guy in Memphis, Tennessee, Daniel Turbeville. He claims to have seen Jesus in a tree while he was chopping wood– doesn’t seem like a solid resemblance of Jesus, but we guess a little faith can go a long way.

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