15-yr-old Girl Kicked out of Camp after Kissing Boy

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This one time at band camp, a girl kissed a boy and got kicked out. Well it didn’t happen at band camp per say but it did happen at Camp Emerson in Hinsdale, Mass.

A 15-year-old girl was allegedly kicked out of the summer camp after a boy kissed her, and now her parents are suing for more than $600,000 in damages, alleging negligent infliction of emotional distress, defamation and other claims.

The lawsuit says the girl was sent home after a camp counselor falsely accused her and the boy of sexually provocative behavior. The boy was also kicked out.

The relationship between the girl and boy “became the summer romance that most teens yearn for,” the lawsuit said.

“This summer romance made plaintiff Jane, a child of divorced parents who suffers from anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and treats with a psychiatrist and medications, and who always felt insecure and inferior to her peers, feel confident and beautiful for the very first time in her life,” the lawsuit said.

Male counselors at the camp had encouraged the boy to kiss the girl, according to the lawsuit. A camp handbook does not prohibit kissing, the suit said.

The girl, who lives in Westport, was escorted out of the camp by a uniformed police officer and was forbidden from saying goodbye to her friends and counselors, according to the lawsuit. The family spent $6,450 for the four-week camp, which was not refunded.

But if they didn’t stop it and the girl ended up having S-E-X with the boy imagine the lawsuit then. Either way you look at it the camp was toast, like a marshmallow over a campfire.

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