5-Yr-Old Girl Stands Up to Westboro Baptist Church

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They’re known for disrupting the peace, picketing outside of funerals, shouting hateful things. But one little girl decided to fight back against the Westboro Baptist Church with peace.

5-year-old Jayden Sink, set up a lemonade stand across the street from the Church’s Topeka, Kansas headquarters. She sold pink lemonade for peace at The Equality House. The rainbow-colored house is a non-profit aimed at spreading goodwill and equality around the globe.

Jayden, daughter of Jon Sink, founder of the philanthropic arts group FRESHCASSETTE – Creative Compassion, decided on this spot for her lemonade stand after her parents explained to her the significance. After being told that the church across the street had a message of hate, she set a goal of raising money to go towards a message of love and peace.

So she painted a banner for the event reading, “Pink Lemonade for Peace: $1 Suggested Donation.” She put the stand in the grass and waited. But she didn’t have to wait long. Supporters came in by the droves and $1 turned into hundreds of dollars.

Westboro couldn’t swallow the cause and tried to call police and yelled profanities at supporters. But love and peace prevailed. Jayden not only raised $400 during the day, she also has raised over $9,000 through her online campaign. One person gave $26, dedicating it to every person killed six months ago in the Newtown, Conn., massacre.

This little girl is my hero and gives hope to what can be such a dark and twisted world. If there’s more children like these we will have a bright future. Like my mom always told me, “Kill em with kindness” and clearly it works.

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