Fired Worker Ordered to Show Facebook Page & Bank Statements to Former Bosses

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Do you ever feel like somebody’s watching you? Well in this digital age, they probably are.

Take this case out of New Zealand. Fired flight attendant, Gina Kensington was forced to show her bosses at Air New Zealand her Facebook pages and bank statements to prove that she was actually using her sick days appropriately.

Back in March, Gina took two days of sick leave to care for her sister. When she came back she was fired. Gina swears she didn’t misuse her sick days and went to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) seeking reinstatement.

Air New Zealand responded by demanding to see her Facebook and bank details. And the ERA sided with the airline ordering her to hand over details for March 8th and 9th, saying they would provide “substantially helpful” evidence.

This isn’t the first case where Facebook has been used to sack someone.

The most high-profile Facebook sacking case involves another Kiwi Bruce Taiapa, who applied for a week’s unpaid leave in March 2011 to attend a canoeing carnival.

He was granted three days, but then took the rest of the week as sick leave, claiming he had an injured leg. He lost his job after his boss saw photos of him on Facebook. The ERA upheld his sacking.

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