Geraldo Rivera’s Scandalous Selfie is All The Tweet

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Lady Gaga, Courtney Love, Coco…they’ve all tweeted out scandalous selfies. But there’s a new celeb selfie that’s all the tweet.

70-year-old, Fox News Host, Geraldo Rivera tweeted a semi-nude selfie at 2am on Sunday. Great just want you want to see in your twitter feed before heading off to church.

The bombastic broadcaster captioned the picture ’70 is the new 50′, before admitting that he might embarrass his wife and family.

Yet his fifth wife, Erica Michelle Levy, didn’t seem to mind.

She told E! Online: ‘This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when I fall asleep first…Thank god we have towels in the bathroom. But I’m proud my husband looks so hot!’

Rivera deleted the shot hours later. He then tweeted “Note to self: No tweeting after 1am”.

Honey you should never be tweeting that. No matter what the time of day is.

And just because you deleted the tweet doesn’t mean it won’t be circulating the web until the end of time. Burning viewers’ eyes for life. I don’t know what’s worse, the glasses, mustache or weird cravats near his nether regions. All I know is he never should have gone there.

There’s nothing worse than a dirty old man who thinks he’s hot. I say Not!

Keep your selfie to your self.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish.


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