Girl Kicked Out of Prom for Wearing Pants

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A pair of red jeans are at the center of a Promtroversy.

“In a way it’s kind of a slap in the face… Cause… You can’t get that memory back.”

Shafer Rupard, a student at Cherryville High School in North Carolina was sent home from her senior prom all because she decided to wear pants instead of your typical prom dress.

“It’s just the way she’s always been and she wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin.”

But chaperones weren’t comfortable with Rupard’s look. She says she wasn’t on the dance floor for five minutes when a teacher tapped her on the shoulder.

“She had a problem with what I was wearing. I thought it was because of the hat or the leather jacket and I was like well I’ll take those off and she was like no…it’ the pants…”

Rupard’s mom is trying to get to the bottom (no pun intended) of all of this. She’s even talked with the school’s assistant principal after looking at the school’s code of conduct which doesn’t state a dress code.

Instead it says, “Cherryville High School will develop a culture that is safe, nurturing, celebrates diversity and promotes school pride.”

Meanwhile, Rupard hasn’t received an apology for missing a memorable high school event.

Honestly, I think this is ridiculous. Last time I checked this was 2014 and not the 1950s. Plenty of women wear pants to events. Just look at all of the celebs who wear them on the Red Carpet. I feel as though the teacher was uncomfortable because she looked more masculine or like a hotter Justin Bieber. I’ve seen far more inappropriate prom dresses. Time to strip away the prejudices and stereotyping.

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