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How many times do we see women and their “girls” spread out in magazines?! All the time! Well, ladies now it’s our turn to have a little eye candy.

Vice recently posted a fashion spread called “Groin Gazing.” It features a series of photos by Claire Milbrath with styling by Mila Franovic, and the photos are framed tight on the clothed “Johnsons” for your viewing pleasure.

The models are identified by the type of guy they depict, such as “The Boyfriend” or “The Artist” or “The Businessman,” and even “The Boy Next Door.” They’re holding props associated with their archetype. My personal favorites are “The Businessman”, “The Handyman” and “The Logger” (nice wood).

I personally love this concept. And not just because of the packages on display. I like the fact that it addresses women’s needs and their appetites for sex. It showcases men in a different way and that’s okay! We’re all sexual beings with desires. That doesn’t mean we’re objectifying either sex. I say more photo shoots like these would quite frankly be… Amazeballs!

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.