Gone Viral: Guy’s Cringe-Worthy Pickup Video Selfie

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It’s amazing the lengths guys will go to, to pick up a chick. Gone are the days of sending flowers, or love notes. One would-be Romeo decided to woo a woman he met in Starbucks with a video selfie.

Thinking he was being seductive, the man now dubbed online as ‘StarbucksDrakeHands guy’, sent a 16 second video to the woman. Set to the song ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ by Drake, the man stares intently at the camera pulling his best model pose. He zooms in and out before breaking into a wide smile. I mean how could she resist?!

Well the StarbucksDrakeHands guy didn’t land a date. Instead the Los Angeles woman uploaded it to YouTube and now his terrible “macking” skills have gone viral. With several people imitating him in parodies.

Poor guy. Hey, maybe he’ll land a modeling job. He definitely knows how to work the camera.

Seriously though, every guy should watch this video as an example of how NOT to pick up a woman. And I thought wiener pics, or mirror selfies were bad, now we have video selfies. Gag! Hey StarbucksDrakeHands guy, ya might want to rest up that hand. I have a feeling that’s the only action you’ll be seeing for a while.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.


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