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A New York guy needs a woman to help him find another woman.

The “busy Wall Street professional” posted a Craigslist ad seeking a woman to manage his online dating love life because he just doesn’t “have the time” to do it himself.

The ad reads: “I am looking for a female who can screen, write, respond to and set up telephone calls with potential dates from online dating websites.”

“I am a busy Wall Street professional and don’t have time to do this myself. The right person will be a good writer and have a passion for social media.”

Turns out there’s a real job market for online dating managers. Virtual Dating Assistants employs people to help manage online love lives.  The CEO Scott Valdez, 27, said he started the company after advertising on Craigslist himself.

He told NBC News, “I was working crazy hours as a marketing executive, usually over 70 hours a week. I was also online dating but didn’t have time for it. So I found someone on Craigslist to handle my online dating accounts and it worked out great.”

“One day it dawned on me that there was probably a demand for this service for overworked executives who want to meet people but don’t have time.”

The number of matches, and the nature of the services, depends on the fee paid – which can range from $147 a match to $1,200 a month for the full dating service.

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