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If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, then social media has invented a whole new way to fan the flames.

There’s now a website called where you can publicly shame the women who broke up your marriage. Anonymous scorned women can post rants, along with photos of the hoochies, details of the affair, sometimes even their address so they can be tormented in person. There’s also a Facebook page with over 250,000 likes.

Oh and fellas you’re not in the clear. There’s now a where women can post pictures of the men who broke their heart or the men who are known to break up marriages.

The woman behind these sites goes by the alias Ariella Alexander. She said she created the site as a way to teach adulteresses a lesson.

These sites are like the “Scarlett Letter” of the digital age.

What do you think about public shaming and airing your dirty laundry online?

There’s nothing worse than a cheater. However, to me, the best “revenge” is getting yourself together to have a healthy relationship in the future.

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