‘Hooters’ of Shoe Shining Business Being Called Sexist

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Some big boys on Wall Street are walking out of one shoe shining business with a lil extra spring in their step. For more than double the price of a normal shoe shine, fellas can get buffed up by some bodacious babes in lower Manhattan.

The dozen or so women at Star Shine NYC are dressed in little shorts and tight tank tops. Kind of reminds you of the Hooters girls of the shoe shining business. But the employees tell the NY Daily News they’re not just eye candy. They’re all business when it comes to shining shoes.

“We keep it classy in here,” said Christine Harnischfeger, 23, a recent graduate of Queens College. “It’s just a fun atmosphere.”

Kevin White Jr, 30, launched the risque venture with his father three weeks ago. It definitely aims at the businessman. They can sit back in leather seats, enjoy sports or financial news on two flat-screen TVs, and pretty soon sip on a cocktail.

“We don’t want people to come in to see the girls and then have to go elsewhere to get their shoeshines,” says White. “We want to provide a top-of-the-line shine and also a good experience out of the office where [customers] can relax and clear their head a little bit.”

It’ll cost you about $7, more than double the price of nearby businesses and women say their tips range from $3 to $20. But critics are trying to dull their sparkle. Several critics blasted the shoe shining enterprise reminiscent of the restaurant chain Hooters as sexist.

At the end of the day sex sells. Plus, how is this any worse than having a person of color shine your shoes. That’s pretty degrading if you ask me.

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