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A whole new world of Instagram. What if Disney Princesses had their own Instagram accounts? Step into this magical world thanks to B for Bel.

Founder of B for Bel, Belinda Tan, has created If Disney Princesses had Instagram, a series where Disney characters document their lives using Instagram.

She tells Mashable her inspiration for the series: “We’ve always been a fan of Disney Princesses as well as social media, so we decided to join the both of them while including references to internet culture,” she stated. “Everyone has grown up with the princesses, so in a way, we’re all curious about them, what they’re like, what goes on in their lives, and that’s what Instagram is for- to give us a peek into their lives.”

Also in each picture are appropriate hashtags, filters and locations that revert back to the plot of each characters’ respective movie. Even Rapunzel, Mulan and other Disney characters stop by to drop hilarious comments on each others photos.

Now if only there was an app to become an Insta Princess.

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