Leave breast milk alone

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LONDON, UK – An actress-turned-mom started a worldwide discussion about the value of breast milk this week. On Thursday, Alyssa Milano (you know, Sam from “Who’s the Boss?”) tweeted that Heathrow Airport security confiscated 10 oz. of her pumped breast milk.

The airport’s rules are pretty clear when it comes to breast milk, allowing it only when a baby is present. Milano’s response: “They said they would let the pumped milk through if I had the baby with me. Why would I need to pump if I had the baby with me????”

As a mom myself, the mental image of 10 oz. of breast milk being poured down a drain or tossed in a trash can makes me cringe. The stuff is liquid gold. Not only does it provide the nutrients to help babies grow, but it also evolves with them.

In an interview, the actress said she’s not upset with security employees; she knows they were just doing their job. But she hopes this incident will spark a conversation and, hopefully, policy changes that will help travelling moms. After all, if security teams can test toiletries to make sure they’re safe, why not allow the same for breast milk?

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