Lil Wayne Stomps on U.S. Flag During Music Video Shoot

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Lil Wayne is known for pushing the limits but now he has quite a few haters after a flag faux pas!

While filming his “God Bless America” music video in Nola, the rapper is seen stomping on an over-sized American flag that was purposely dropped to the street. He continues to rap as he tramples Old Glory.

The incident may have been overlooked, except for the blatant lyrics in the song….“My country ‘tis of thee/ sweet land of kill ‘em all and let ‘em die/ God bless Amerika/ This so godless Amerika … the stars on the flag are never shining,” the song, off this year’s “I Am Not a Human Being II,” goes.
Desecration of the American flag is protected by the First Amendment so there’s no chance Wayne would face charges for stepping on the Stars and Stripes.

But posted this weekend, just days after the June 14 Flag Day holiday, the video has since gone viral and prompted mostly outrage.

“Didn’t think I could like this dude less,” one Twitter user wrote.

“WHAT A DISGRACE!” another commenter wrote online.

So was it an artistic political protest or a huge slap in the face and flag faux pas?

People who are upset should do what Wayne did and protest his record sales.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

Update: Lil Wayne’s response posted on Facebook…

“It was never my intention to desecrate the flag of the United States of America. I was shooting a video for a song off my album entitled ‘God Bless Amerika’. The clip that surfaced on the Internet was a camera trick clip that revealed that behind the American Flag was the Hoods of America,” he said. “In the final edit of the video you will see the flag fall to reveal what is behind it but will never see it on the ground.”

Wayne also went on to explain his lyrics critical of his country.

“In most people eyes including my own who were raised in that environment, the Hood is the only America they know and the only America I knew growing up,” he said. “I was fortunate from my God giving talents to escape the Hood and see the other beautiful places this country has to offer but most people who are born in that environment don’t get that chance. That’s their view of their America. That was Dwayne M Carter from Hollygrove New Orleans view of America. That’s who I’m speaking for in this song.”


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