Man Facing Jail Time for Laughing Too Loud at Home

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Who knew a good laugh could get you in trouble with the law.

No pursuit of happiness for one Long Island man. NY cops busted him for LOLing too loudly in his own home.

Robert Schiavelli, 42, was slapped with two “absurd” summonses on “disturbing the peace” for, yes, laughing too loudly.

Cops went to the home Schiavelli lives in with his mother, after receiving complaints from a neighbor that his laughing could be heard across the driveway. When you hear the full story it’s really no laughing matter.

You see, Schiavelli tells WPIX he uses his boisterous laugh as a defense mechanism. Schiavelli, who suffers from seizures and neurological impairments, says his neighbor has been taunting him the past year. Making fun of him and calling him a “retard”.

So instead of crying he decided to laugh it off…literally. Whenever the neighbor pulls into his driveway Schiavelli opens his window and laughs at him.

Now he could be fined $500 or spend 30 days in jail for his hearty ha ha’s…not so funny.

Judge will decide who gets the last laugh.

Honestly both neighbors are in the wrong… one for disturbing the peace the other for bullying.

Maybe they should share a good laugh together and settle their differences. We don’t want this argument to end in a tragedy and not a comedy.

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