March Madness Survival Guide for Ladies

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It’s that time of year, spring, birds and the bees, and March Madness. Oh yes, the time of year when women become widows and go mad with the lack of attention from their men.

Rather than killing or losing your man as he transforms into a teenage boy watching bball from morning till midnight, here are some survival tips from matchmaker Barbie Adler, to help save your sanity and score some points with your man.

Fake it till you make it – Rather than fighting with him over it just suck it up and take one for the team. Take this month to do things for yourself. Then when he grips on you for watching the Bachelor you can point out what a team player you were.

If you can’t beat em…join him – If he’s more of a team player, some men aren’t, get into the games with him. Educate yourself by going to It’s more fun if you know the back stories of the teams and he’ll be impressed that you can hang with the boys.

Fill out your own brackets – Have you and your girls fill out your own brackets. That way you are always following along and you can razz him if your picks beat his. Beginners luck works in Vegas, plus you can spend your winnings on shoes.

Make a bet with him – This can be really fun and spice up the game.

Help him with his man cave – This will earn you “coolest girlfriend of the month” status. Get him comfortable, stock up on some of his favorite munchies, play hostess to his friends. His buddies will be in awe and you will be in a league of your own. Have fun showing off just how awesome you are!

Follow these tips and hopefully you will find yourself in a win/win situation and making it to that “One Shining Moment”.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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