Mom Being Criticized for Publicly Shaming her Daughter in Cruel Facebook Video

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After catching her 12-yr-old daughter on Facebook, using a different name, talking to boys and plotting a fight, Milwaukee mom, Lorraine Walls decided to shame her daughter on her Facebook Wall.

Walls posted a video on Facebook publicly embarrassing her daughter for her actions on the social media website and at school.

The video has racked up more than half of a million views online, and has also generated plenty of comments supporting Walls for her tactics, but many criticized her for saying things like this, “The next time she’s on Facebook, and I catch her on Facebook, I’m beating the hell out of her.”

Walls says she regrets the language, but does not hit her child.

“She doesn’t get whippings, she’s not getting beat, she doesn’t get abused,” Walls said.
Regardless of the criticism, Walls says she not letting up on her pre-teen, calling it tough love for a cruel world.

“We have to save our kids. We got too many laying out there dead because of gunshot wounds, we got too many out there pregnant,” she said.

Honestly, I’m not always for public shaming and sometimes feel as though parents do it to get attention for themselves. However, I think this mom did the right thing. Her daughter clearly wasn’t getting the message so what better way than posting it on Facebook for all to see. Sometimes the only way to save our children is through tough love. And I guarantee you, she won’t be logging back on. Time she face the consequences for her actions on the “Book”.

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